Monetize Your Video Content

Monthly or Yearly Subscriptions
Run your own branded subscription network. Give your fans unlimited streaming with monthly or yearly plans.

Free Trials
Offer your subscribers 7 day, 14 day or 30 days free trials so they can get to know your content first hand.

Ad Delivery
Serve ADs Pre-roll, Mid-roll, or Post-roll to your end users. Combine with Subscriptions to offer a Free vs Paid choice.

Customer Retention
We give you detailed insights into subscriber behavior and tools to help you retain your viewers.

Buy & Rent *Coming Soon
Sell downloads or rentals of your videos. It’s your very own digital video store: offer your videos however you like.

OTT & Online Live Streaming

Want to go live on Roku, Amazon Fire TV,  and Apple TV?

Using the latest technology available, our live streaming services are compatible with multiple OTT platforms on the market ensuring your viewers optimal viewing.

  • Stream from your mobile phone, encoder or PC
  • Record live footage for views to access after the event
  • Self-provisioning for single or multi-bitrate streaming

Lightening-Fast CDN

We’ve built our own CDN to serve you better.

Total OTT Deployment

Apple TV, Amazon Fire, Roku and more!

Brand New Player

Bran new HTML5 Web Player

Video CMS

Ingestion, Transcoding, Metadata

Video Content Management

Use our simple, straight-forward video CMS to get all of your content in a great looking browser based media center, accessible to all of your viewers.

OVP & Mobile
You will be able to upload, modify and share your video content easily online. This also works wonderfully when viewing through your mobile device!

Have a lot of videos that need to be organized? You can create up to 2 subfolders. Great for organizing your events and/or sport demographics!

Custom Players
Create custom video players. Set the look and feel you want and we’ll provide you an embed code to use on your website!

See live example >

Comprehensive Analytics

Measure your success with analytics on your individual videos, playlists and live streaming events! Learn more about where your viewers are coming from, what they are watching and how long they are staying.

Real Time Reporting

  • Bandwidth
  • Views
  • Storage Use
  • Engagements

Google Analytics

It also integrates with Google Analytics so you can get the a detailed analysis of how users are engaging with your content.

Ready to make your content work for you?

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