This document provides specifications and guidelines to help you maximize your Campfyre experience.

Roku Image Guidelines

The following graphics are required for your Roku Channel App:

  • Channel Poster 540 X 405 px – PNG
  • Channel Splash Screen 1920 X 1080 px – PNG
  • Channel Logo 400 X 90 px – PNG
  • Channel Search 165 X 60px – PNG
  • Background Image 1920 X 1080px – PNG

Download Roku graphics templates

Amazon FireTV Image Guidelines

The following graphics are required for your Amazon FireTV Channel App:

  • Small Icon 114 X 114 px – PNG
  • Large Icon 512 X 512 px – PNG
  • App Icon 1280 X 720 px – PNG
  • BG Image 1920 X 1080 px – PNG
  • BG Channel Banner  1920 X 320 px – PNG

Download Amazon FireTV graphics templates


Campfyre gives customers the capability to share their media content to the web and beyond on to OTT Platforms. Follow the guidelines below to submit media and build custom branded channel apps.

What is a 'Channel App'?

Most OTT platforms allow the submission of apps that can be used for different purposes. Users can play games, check in on the weather, use social and productivity apps, and more.

Campfyre builds apps that feature video and audio content- similar to Netflix, Hulu, and Youtube. We call this a ‘Channel App,’ as we only focus on streaming media. This solution is ideal for radio stations, broadcasters who want to expand beyond cable, or publishers who have outgrown services like Youtube.

What OTT platforms do you support?

We currently support building Channel Apps for Roku and Amazon FireTV.

We are in the process of rebuilding our template codebase for AppleTV, and hope to release this to our customers soon. In the near future, our list of supported OTT Platforms is expected to include Playstation and XBox, but can not give any concrete timelines at this time.

How long does the Channel App submission process take?

Once it has been confirmed that the media, descriptions, and graphical assets you have submitted meet out guidelines, our dev team typically packages your Channel App for submission to an OTT Platform within 5-7 business days.

Depending on the platform, it may take 1-4 weeks for your Channel App to be approved. Once approved, your media is ready for public viewing.

Can I submit a Channel App to each platform you support?

Yes. There is no additional charge to submit your Channel App to each OTT platform we support.

You do have to create unique graphics for each OTT platform and have to go through the channel build process for each platform. Also, you can only submit one Channel App per platform.

Can I update my Channel App graphical assets at any time?

Amazon FireTV graphics can be updated, though the updates may take 1-3 days to be processed by our development team. At this time, ROKU graphics cannot be updated once the channel has been built.

Can I have preroll ads on my videos?

We are working to support pre-roll video ads, and hope to have this integrated into Campfyre soon.